Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Blythe

{Why are you so freaking damn expensive?}
Hugs & puppies,

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Focus On... Cozy Knits For You {And A Giveaway!}

The week's featured Etsy artist is none other than the fabulous Cozy Knits For You. Everything in her shop is bright, colorful and hand knitted with love. I purchased one of her cup cozies last month and use it all.the.time. It's great because I like my tea atomically hot and it keeps my hands from burning. I still need to get around to ordering some of her cat toys for the boys.

This week you can win a set of 6 hand knit rainbow hearts.
{Seen in the second photo}
Aren't they adorable?!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm a 30 year old stay at home mom who loves to knit. My daughter and her friends inspire me all the time. I like to make toys that inspire imagination in children and I also like to make things that serve a good function while making things prettier.

How does your craft stand out from the rest?
I like to think the quality and creativity help me to stand out. Also my use of color.

How do you promote your business?

Sum up your craft in 5 words of less:
Sorry I need 6 words ;o) unique colorful mother knitting with love!

What is your favorite Etsy shop?
BinkysFudge. Her fudge is amazing. But beware it is like crack once you take your first bite you're hooked!

Any advice to other crafters?
Do what you love! It will show in your work. Also you have to put work into getting your name out there. It doesn't happen overnight.

We've got lots of ways to win this weeks giveaway!

- Make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you win. -
- Please leave separate comments for each entry. -

First entry (mandatory):
- Visit CozyKnitsForYou, select your favorite item and leave a comment telling me about it.

Extra entries (optional):
- Add CozyKnitsForYou to your favorites on Etsy
- Add CozyKnitsForYou to your circle on Etsy
-'Like' CozyKnitsForYou on Facebook
-Follow CozyKnitsForYou on Blogger
- Follow me on Twitter, tweet about this giveaway and leave me the link.
- Purchase an item from CozyKnitsForYou
- Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link.
- Follow our blog via Google Connect

Fine print: Giveaway begins when it is posted and ends at 11:59pm pacific standard time March 14, 2011. A winner will be selected by a random number generator on March 15, 2010 and will be emailed promptly.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prompt Me!

{Can't wait!}

Moleskine cahier
American Crafts Thickers Sprinkles letters
Jolee's by You grass
Hand punched holes

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New items at Golden Leaf!

Introducing our newest product:
Shea Butter & Hemp Seed Oil Lip Balm

I played around with many (many) recipes before creating the perfect blend of hydrating oils and luscious butters. The result is a lip balm that glides on smooth, almost melting into your lips.

Currently we have Toasted Coconut {my fave} and Juicy Watermelon.

We just put an order in for more tubes and two delicious new scents: Old Fashioned Root Beer and Sweet Strawberry!

If anyone is looking for great quality, custom labels for their products, go visit Michelle at InkedPapers. She worked with me to create these lovely labels you see above. She also does graphic design items for weddings, parties, you name it. To see more of her custom work, check out her Flickr thread. Thank you Michelle! They look great :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

The 101 Project: {Updated}

Some of you may remember when I posted my 101 Project last year. You can find the original post here. Completed goals in italics. Many things have changed since then so I feel it's appropriate to look over the list and update anything that isn't applicable anymore. Am I wrong by doing this, you ask? In my mind, no. People change, goals change. Let's take a look at my new goals:

Travel/Events in Other Places

1. Visit the Hoh Rainforest in Washington
2. Go to Provincetown {Completed 08/10/09}
3. Go to Thunder Over Louisville {Planning this April}
4. Rolex 3-Dy Event in Lexington, KY {I know I won't make it this year but I still want to go so it's staying on the list}
5. Plan a trip to Mt. Rainier {Doesn't necessarily have to be The Wonderland Trail but I'd like to go nonetheless}
6. Visit Canada {This may be happening soon than I planned - but more on that later}
7. Go to Times Square for New Years Eve {Maybe it will happen this year}
8. Visit Papa {Possibly this fall, once it cools off in Texas!}
9. Infield at the Kentucky Derby {Perhaps next year. Once again, it's staying on the list}
10. Take Mom to Bermuda
11. Go on another cruise
12. Do an overnight at Waverly Hills Sanatorium {Unfortunately the 2-hr visit last summer didn't count}
13. Visit one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants {When I do Times Square, of course!}


14. Drop 20 pounds, and keep them off for the remainder of the project {This is essentially, a work in progress}
15. Run, ok maybe walk a 5k
16. Master all Yoga positions {I've got quite a few of them down!}
17. Take a yoga class
18. Take a Zumba class!


19. Take vitamins every day {I found some gummy ones and I've also been taking a Viactive chew - the chocolate ones}
20. Get a hot stone massage {Wish this was happening today!}


21. Get my bath & body business off and running {Self-supportive}
22. Clean any debts {I'll be paying off my student loans for awhile but I've managed to clear 6 other debts within 3 months - Go me!}
23. Add to my IRA {Since the economy is getting (a little) better I have seen my IRA rebound quite a bit. I'm ok with where it's going so I feel I don't need to add as much as I had originally planned}
24. Set up another 401k {Once again, this may change in the very near future}
25. Own a home {Yep, I'm keeping this one up on the list}

Gaining knowledge/Intellectual pursuits

26. Learn a foreign language
27. Sign up for a ballroom/salsa lesson {If only there were ones nearby}
28. Get CPR certified {Why shouldn't you know how to save a life?}
29. Learn how to knit {I taught myself the basics but would love to learn more}
30. Read 101 books {See previous post}
31. Learn how to play chess {And not suck at it}


32. Open up another Etsy shop {Completed 01/20/10}
33. Get familiar and comfortable with Shrinky Dinks}
34. Complete the 30 Days of Lists prompts
35. Learn how to sew... properly
36. Finish an afghan
37. Make a quilt.
38. Complete the Owl Doorstop pattern from Tiddliwink Toys
39. Go to a glass blowing class {Once again, if there was one nearby}
40. Create a recipe for a solid sugar scrub


41. Document family tree back to Italy {Still working on this one}
42. Complete Family Tree Maker & update online {1,348 people, 451 marriages, 8 generations, 385 surnames... and counting}
43. Document Gill lineage {Still working on this one via}
44. Grave hunting {Heading out tomorrow to document 6 cemeteries in Henry Co., TN}


45. Make a one-month meal plan {This is kinda hard now that I work 3rd shift, but I'm keeping it up here}
46. Go to 30 new restaurants and Yelp each one {I've been to a few, just haven't added them to Yelp yet}
47. Bake something at least twice a month {Not really helping the 'lose 20 pounds thing}
48. Cook one new recipe every month {Will post these later on, recipes included}
49. Drink nothing but water for a whole week {I could do this easily if it wasn't for my tea addiction}
50. Try every flavor of Stash & Tazo tea {Stash 5/200+; Tazo 3/?}
51. Make homemade ice cream
52. Make Nana's fresh fruit jam
53. Update recipe book {I've been adding recipes sporadically}
54. Eat more fish. {I did have Cod when I went home this month. I guess that counts for something}
55. Find a variety of sushi that I like.


56. Participate in Gimme Your Stuff {Completed 11/2009}
57. Go camping {This summer perhaps}
58. Watch 101 movies {See post below}
59. Go to the opening night of the rest of the Harry Potter & Twilight movies {I dragged mom to see HP:DH part 1 so that leaves 0/3 left}
60. Start a garden {Prepped ground last weekend{
61. Get more ink! {Completed 02/16/11}
62. Visit IKEA {Completed 03/16/2010}
63. Set up other Nano to be used as a frag tank {Emptied tank last weekend, waiting for sand to dry}
64. Sell frags
65. Fishing with mom {This summer!}
66. Send a secret to PostSecret
67. Have a snail mail pen pal {It's been a while, but the lovely Ria has helped me with this goal}
68. Go to a planetarium
69. Go horseback riding.
70. Go on a whale watch {Completed 08/10/2009}
71. Fly first class {I've tried many, many times. Apparently, it's the first thing to book up}
72. Go snorkeling {On my cruise of course}
73. Take mom to a Michael Buble concert {Once he gets his butt over here!}


74. Throw a holiday party
75. Host a bonfire
76. Write ten snail mail letters {4/10}


77. Donate blood twice a year {Gotta wait since I just got fresh ink}
78. Design an item to sell on Etsy. All proceeds to go to an organization in need {Super excited to be doing this. Details coming soon!!!}
79. Volunteer for an organization or at an event
80. Vote!
81. Plant 3 trees


82. More photos into albums.
83. Have a yard sale {Completed 4/10-11/2010}
84. Update iTunes {All names, titles, artwork, etc. filled in}
85. Organize beads/jewelry
86. Get rid of 101 material things {Completed - 200+}


87. Cricut {Completed 05/2010}
88. iPod Touch {Completed 05/10/2009}
89. Bella Bag {Completed 09/24/2009}
90. Necklace from BirthDesigns
91. Mittens
92. Get my hands down with henna {by a professional}
93. Project Life {Completed 01/2011}
94. wii
96. Sewing machine


97. Blog about each of my 101 tasks at least once {Completed 03/21/2010}
98. Complete the 365 Project {Started and stopped this year, keeping this up}
99. Blog every day {260/360}
100. Don't take life too seriously!

And finally...

101. On day 1001, publish a new 101 Things in 1001 Days list that includes new goals and everything else that didn't get completed on this one.

The 101 Project: Movies {Updated}

{The updated movie list from the 101 Project - 101/101}

1. The Kite Runner
2. The Proposal {10/21/09}
3. The Haunted Airman {10/21/09}
4. The Cake Eaters {10/20/09}
5. Adventureland {09/16/09}
6. Defiance {08/20/09}
7. Coraline {08/04/09}
8. Rachel Getting Married {08/20/09}
9. Valkyrie {07/31/09}
10. The Wrestler {07/21/09}
11. Revolutionary Road {07/16/09}
12. Elegy {07/07/09}
13. Doubt {06/27/09}
14. He's Just Not That Into You {06/04/09}
15. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button {06/02/09}
16. Changeling {08/28/09}
17. Milk
18. Slumdog Millionaire
19. Righteous Kill
20. Pineapple Express
21. Wanted
22. The Happening
23. Traitor
24. Pride & Prejudice
25. Into The Wild
26. Alice {03/13/10}
27. New Moon
28. Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince
29. Avatar
30. Fame {02/02/10}
31. Inglorious Basterds {12/24/09}
32. GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra {02/02/10}
33. Four Christmases {12/17/09}
34. Julie & Julia {12/15/09}
35. Nights in Rodanthe {12/04/09}
36. The Ugly Truth {12/04/09}
37. Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs {12/04/09}
38. Queen Sized
39. How to Be {03/25/10}
40. Brothers {03/25/10}
41. Precious {03/31/10}
42. The Lovely Bones {05/03/10}
43. An Education {05/03/10}
44. Prince of Persia {06/15/10}
45. Get Him to The Greek
46. Dear John {05/31/10}
47. It's Complicated {05/31/10}
48. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 {11/19/10}
49. Eat, Pray, Love {08/14/10}
50. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader {12/11/10}
51. Toy Story 3{06/23/10}
52. Twilight Saga: Eclipse {07/03/10}
53. Despicable Me
54. Remember Me
55. Wit
56. Kick-Ass
57. The Runaways {08/20/10}
58. Angels & Demons
59. The Hangover
60. Zombieland
61. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
62. Watchman
63. Up
64. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
65. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
66. Click
67. Tangled
68. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
69. Wit
70. Welcome to the Riley's
71. Never Let Me Go {03/12/11}
72. Morning Glory {03/12/11}
73. Wild Target {03/12/11}
74. How Do You Know {03/25/11}
75. Cyrus {03/25/11}
76. Chicago {04/01/11}
77. Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil {04/01/11}
78. District 9 {04/02/11}
79. Camelot {04/02/11}
80. The People vs. Larry Flint {04/04/11}
81. 127 Hours {04/04/11}
82. The Hurt Locker {04/04/11}
83. Life As We Know It {04/04/11}
84. About A Boy {04/04/11}
85. Ponyo {04/09/11}
86. Chloe {04/09/11}
87. Gigantic {04/16/11}
88. Coco Before Chanel {04/22/11}
89. The Fall {04/23/11}
90. Water for Elephants {04/23/11}
91. The Shining {05/20/11}
92. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides {05/20/11}
93. 8213: Gacy House {05/21/11}
94. Fragile {05/22/11}
95. The New Daughter {05/23/11}
96. The Experiment {05/24/11}
97. The Rite {05/25/11}
98. Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day {10/15/11}
99. Jane Eyre {10/4/11}
100. Eastern Promises {10/10/11}
101. The Black Swan

Keep track of the movies you see at iCheckMovies

The 101 Project: Books {Updated}

{The updated books list from the 101 Project - 101/101}

1. The Kite Runner
2. A Thousand Splendid Suns
3. The Girl's Guide to Hunting & Fishing
4. The Wonder Spot
5. House of Sand & Fog
6. Little Pink Slips
7. Atonement
8. The Mirror
9. The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets
10. The Reader
11. The Lovely Bones
12. My Friend Leonard
13. The Bastard of Istanbul
14. The beach Street Knitting Society & Yarn Club
15. Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict
16. Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
17. Dear John
18. Your Heart Belongs to Me
19. House of Daughters
20. The Man of My Dreams
21. Sarah's Key
22. Haters
23. The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy
24. Ordinary People
25. The Massacre of El Mozote
26. Sew What! Bags
27. Nigella Bites
28. Message in a Bottle
29. A Bend in the Road
30. The Guardian
31. The Center of Everything
32. Water for Elephants
33. At First Sight
34. The Choice
35. The Notebook
36. Dead Until Dark
37. Living Dead in Dallas
38. Club Dead
39. Dead to the World
40. Dead as a Doornail
41. Definitely Dead
42. All Together Dead
43. From Dead to Worse
44. Fallen
45. Safe Haven
46. On Mystic Lake
47. The Things We Do For Love
48. Angel Falls
49. Comfort & Joy
50. Magic Hour
51. Firefly Lane
52. The Friday Night Knitting Club
53. Knit Two
54. Summer Island
55. Winter Garden
56. True Colors
57. Don't Tell
58. Legacy of Lies
59. The Red Necklace
60. Never Let Me Go
61. Freedom
62. This is My Daughter: A Novel
63. Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box
64. Burned
65. Tempted
66. Hunted
67. Untamed
68. Chosen
69. Betrayed
70. Marked
71. Eat, Pray, Love
72. Dead and Gone
73. Dead in the Family
74. The Short Life of Bree Tanner
75. Host
76. The Time Travelers Wife
77. Nights in Rodanthe
78. Message in a Bottle
80. The Last Song
81. The Lucky One
82. True Believer
83. The Memory Keepers Daughter
84. The Apothecary's Daughter
85. Torment
86. Comfort Food
87. The Lover's Dictionary
88. Needles & Pearls: A Novel
89. Devilish
90. We Are So Crashing Your Bar Mitzvah!!
91. Velva Jean Learns To Drive
92. Clockwork Angel
93. Witch & Wizard
94. City of Bones
95. City of Ashes
96. City of Glass
97. City of Fallen Angels
98. The Help
99. The Best of Me
100. The Mill River Recluse
101. Then Came You

Keep track of the books you read at Goodreads

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday Night

Philospohy di Alberta Ferretti Pleated Silk-Chiffon Dress

Ann Demeulemeester Cropped Leather Jacket
$1,795 {BrownFashion}

Luichiny Kir Sten Gold Rock Glitter Peep-Toe Pumps
$90 {}

Alexander McQueen Knuckle Box Clutch
$1,920 {}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Real. Seriously.

A few weeks ago I was called out (in good humor) about not posting any personal pictures of myself on my blog. I won't name any names, but they were right. I don't remember the last time I posted a pic of myself. So, I'm making up for the past year or so.

My new ink & the start of my sleeve.
Inked by Rosco at Sinners & Saints Tattoo in Wareham, MA
{This was taken about 12 hours after it was done}

{And a close up a few days later}

I'm pretty sure I took this one on my birthday. I was screwing around with the special effects app on my phone, thus the "Hulk" look.

Ready for work. Probably waiting for my tea water to boil.
I miss those bangs! I need to make a hair appointment ASAP!

This was taken in December of 2009. My mom loves this photo of me :)

Coat shopping at Old Navy in my sequined flats.
{Seriously love those shoes}

And lastly, cause I'm able to laugh at myself, me wearing my 3D glasses from the movies. I don't even remember what mom and I went to see but now every time we go, I keep the glasses. I have a whole collection of them.

30 Days of Lists aka. I've Died & Gone to Heaven

Ok, people. You know me and my lists. {TeuxDeux, anyone?} Anyways, I was doing some shameless self-promotion on my Twitter and saw a RT about 30 Days of Lists. Lists! Lovely, lovely lists! At that moment I didn't care about the time or cost, I just knew I needed to participate. So I click, click, click over to... yes, 30 Days of Lists that's run by 3 great gals. And then I discover, it's FREE. Seriously, could my day get any better?

If you'd like to learn more {and hopefully participate along with me} head over to their blog and check it out! Like now!!!

{ps. there's giveaways}
Just sayin'.

You can also click the button in my right side nav bar.
It's over there! ------>

{all images via google images}

Cupcake Mini Bombs!

Just listed in the shop!

Summer ripened sweet watermelon is the signature scent in these cupcake bath bombs. Pop a few of these in the bath with you and let the scent of summer envelop you! They have a white base with green frosting. Each one is made in a pink mini cupcake wrapper for maximum cuteness.

Island coconut and juicy sweet pineapple mingle together to create this wonderful scent. Pop a few of these cupcake bath bombs in the bath with you and float away to a tropical island! The white base of these mini bath bombs is coconut scented while the yellow frosting on top is pineapple scented. Each one is made in an orange and white polka-dot mini cupcake wrapper for maximum cuteness.

These mini bombs are also available in a combo pack!

Wednesday Giveaways!

Sunflower Address Labels by Silver Light Photo

Fabric covered letter by Tootledoo Designs

Tiny Heart Ring by Cherry Creek

Blue Denim Headband by Just Crafty Today

Set of Blythe postcards from Folksylove

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{The Swag Bag}

Are you looking to promote your giveaway? Head over to The Swag Bag and get it listed for free! This service is available for handmade items and vintage goods.

We just started The Swag Bag and plan on advertising on popular blogs to bring more traffic to the site, which means more traffic to your giveaway!

From now on, all of our giveaways will be posted there as well.
{Double Exposure!}

Check it out today!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Focus On... Tiddliwink Toys {And A Giveaway!}

I wish Tiddliwink Toys had been around when I was younger because I would've loved to have played with any of the fun stuffies she makes. I mean, who wouldn't want a colorful stuffed T-Rex as a kid? Instead, I got a sit-n-spin. Fun, yes. But at least the T-Rex wouldn't have made me feel ill after I played with it too much!

Kathy was kind enough to offer the winner their choice of any one pattern from her shop!

Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Kathy and I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. I love craft of many kinds including sewing, toy making, knitting, jewellery making, badge making and pattern making. I started Tiddliwink Toys in August last year. I had started thinking about it a few months before but it took me a while to think of a good name. Tiddliwink Toys only takes up a couple of hours each day as I have two little boys with a lot of energy. I run the local church playgroup and I'm really enjoying being a mum. I am also an environmental scientist, if and when I choose to return to 'work'.

How does your craft stand out from the rest?
At Tiddliwink Toys I have my hand made children's toys as well as the patterns for the toys. That way people can buy the finished product (if they don't sew) and crafty people can make it themselves. I think that this makes my craft stand out from the rest. I like to design patterns which will appeal to children as well as adults and which are quick and relatively easy to make. I also like to keep my patterns as anatomically correct as possible, especially my dinosaurs. No one wants a Biceratops or a three fingered T rex!

How do you promote your business?
So far I haven't done too much promoting of my business, however I will often link a new pattern to my facebook page. I don't have time to blog as all my free time is taken up by craft.

Sum up your craft in five words or less:
Beautiful, bright, appealing, DIY

What is your favorite Etsy shop?
Well of course my shop is my favourite Etsy shop but I suppose I shouldn't say that. I love to 'shop local' from Asia and see what I find. I just love to get a little gold packet of earrings in the post, all the way from Japan from YukoDesigns!

Any advice you'd give to other crafters?
Do what you love. It's what everyone says but it's true. It is also very important to find your niche market. There are so many jewellery shops on Etsy, how do people make sales? I found patterns great because, being in Australia, I could just email them straight to people. Postage in Australia is quite expensive compared to the US and this way I don't even need to go to the post office.

- Make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you win. -
- Please leave separate comments for each entry. -

First entry (mandatory):
- Visit TiddliwinkToys, select your favorite item and leave a comment telling me about it.

Extra entries (optional):
- Add TiddliwinkToys to your favorites on Etsy
- Add TiddliwinkToys to your circle on Etsy
- Follow me on Twitter, tweet about this giveaway and leave me the link.
- Purchase an item from TiddliwinkToys
- Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link.
- Follow our blog via Google Connect

Fine print: Giveaway begins when it is posted and ends at 11:59pm pacific standard time February 28, 2011. A winner will be selected by a random number generator on March 1, 2011 and will be emailed promptly.
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