Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photo Dump Weekend

My tulips are up, open and oh so pretty!

Granted, there are only about 13 of them, but still.

I love these flowers. They're so fun to photograph.

I used the ToyCam & Polandroid filters on the FxCamera app for my Droid.

It was the first Saturday of the month and Goodwill has 50% off everything in the store! Score! I haven't taken any pics of my haul yet. Those will be up maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. I found lots of Gap, J. Crew and a few Banana Republic items and also scored 2 pieces of stamped silver that are in need of a good cleaning. 2 new purses and a wicker basket completed my purchase. And the best part... it only came to $48 and change. Yay

Mom decided to take Ali cause she goes everywhere with us. She sat in the truck and wasn't too happy about it. So we decided to take a ride down to Reelfoot Lake to let Ali run around. It was a gorgeous day, even though I wasn't properly attired to be wandering around outside. (silver ballet flats, anyone?) I'm posting more lake photos in my Flickr account.

At the lake they have a few large enclosures set up with 2 bald eagles in one and red tailed hawks in another. They also have smaller cages with owls in them, like the photo above.

All the turtles came up out of the lake and settled themselves on logs to catch some rays.

I love the green ToyCam filter. I've used it quite a bit for my photos.

Mom and I were on the fence if this was a beaver lodge or just a bunch of sticks and crap piled up.

This morning mom had to go into work to clean for a bit so I tagged along. Hooray for heavy machinery! I know it doesn't look that big but I could lay inside that bucket lengthwise, should I ever choose to. Which I won't.

I don't know why, but this totally cracked me up. The sign is outside of the bathroom. I can just picture a bunch of people forming a line when the tornado sirens go off.

I also watched a crap load of movies this weekend. You can see the updated list here. I'm taking tonight off so I'll have a lovely 3 day weekend.

And if anyone hasn't watched last week's Grey's Anatomy, do it now. it was AMAZING! Here's proof:

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