Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Thousand Words: Chicago

Chicago was so fun this weekend! I got there Friday afternoon and after hitting up Starbucks, Steph and I went to see The Rum Diary. Not quite what I expected but funny nonetheless.

 Saturday night we took the train into the city to go to Steph's friends after wedding party. Beware of mixing alcohol and men with really nice beards!

We had planned on heading back into the city on Sunday but didn't get up until after 11am so I ended up roasting a chicken and we watched reruns of The Sing Off. It was a rainy day so this was the perfect remedy.

Steph and I got up super early (i.e., before 7am) and took the train in. Our first stop was the Field Museum. We got in free because Steph is a IL resident. Woo hoo free stuff! I loved the Egyptian exhibit (of course I would) and kept remarking on how "real" the animals looked. What I really meant was how "alive" they seemed. We ventured out to find the Buckingham Fountain (it was shut off) and find the Chicago Bean (we didn't) so we headed over to Navy Pier and snagged some dogs and beer at half price. And free chips. Yay free chips! Next time I visit we will definitely have to spend more than a day on the city cause there's way too much stuff to do in one day. All in all, it was great to visit again and hang out with my bestie :)

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