Saturday, January 5, 2013


I've literally been working on this blog post for the past week. It's not that I don't have anything to say. I do. Lots, in fact. It's just been one of those where-do-I-start kinda things. Plus, I've had the plague since New Years Eve. So, in true bullet list fashion, here goes:

  • I am SO excited to be starting a new year! The semester starts in 2 weeks and I'm itching to get back. (Read: trauma junkie) Lots of new projects and adventures to be had. 2013 will be MY year. To focus on me. Getting back in shape, a career shift (Hello, EMS. Goodbye, ER... sorta.), kicking this little blog up a few notches, personal goals and so on. I have to keep telling myself, change is good. Trust yourself.
  • Project Life: Yes, I am FINALLY using my Project Life stuff I purchased *cough* two years ago *cough* I will be posting weekly shots and also plan on having some PL goodie giveaways. I downloaded an awesome 8x11 memory logbook from Log Your Memory that is not only your standard 12 month planner but it also has pages for PL planning. Lovelovelove it so far. It's available in two sizes for download, or in print. 
  • Project 365: I had started this back in August and had snapped daily photos religiously. I was using only my iPhone and Instagram. When the year was over, I had planned on making a 365 Blurb book. Then my iPhone broke in November and I wasn't eligible for an upgrade until this month. Everything went out the window. Luckily, Santa helped me out and I was gifted a new iPhone 5 for Christmas. So this project is back on. You can find me on Instagram at @jlatini.

  • The 101 Project: This was initially started in early August. You can find the original post here. If you're unfamiliar with the 101, it's essentially 101 goals that you'd like to accomplish in 1,001 days. I've been using Day Zero to keep track of the goals that I've already accomplished and those still in progress. Recently I signed up for Elise's Big Picture Class, I Choose. After watching the video she posted I had one of those, 'Duh, that totally makes sense, why didn't I think of that' moments. I'm not gonna give anything away, but if you want to get more goal oriented (And actually succeed) I highly recommend this class. You can find more info about Elise here and the class here. That being said, I know I'm not going to accomplish all 101 goals. That's perfectly okay with me. But I will be determined to check off as many as I can.
Big Picture Classes
  • 2013 Pinterest Foodie Challenge: Good God I have a lot of projects going on! This week I will be posting the recipe list for the 2013 Pinterest Foodie Challenge. Please feel free to follow along or create your own. This year I chose 24 new food and drink items I would like to try. I went ahead and scheduled 2 a month in my planner but I think I just might wing it as long as I keep myself in check and make sure said recipes are actually getting made. #YayRunOnSentences
  • $1378 Club: Think Christmas Club without the bank. A few of us at work got together and came up with the $1378 club. At the end of each week, you add money to your fund. Week one, you add $1, week two, $2 and so on. So at the end of 52 weeks, you've accumulated $1378. Personally, I'm thinking a 5 night cruise may be in order after that. Had I tried to do this by myself, I would've failed miserably. But now that I've actually got a team to keep me motivated, it just might work. (I've already paid 5 weeks worth!)

So, as you can see, I'll be a busy little bee this year.
And baby, it's gonna be a good one.

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