Tuesday, May 11, 2010


ThisGirlsLife. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

I just posted a crap load of new pics to my Flickr account, including 80+ of my salt water fish tanks, more treasuries and some ATCs. Go check 'em out!


  1. Wow, your salt water tanks are insane :D Also your ATCsa re really pretty. I keep wanting to join an ATC swap but keep chickening out :(

    ps Your no-volcanic-ash dance seemed to have worked well, but keep on doing it until at least midday on Thursday, just incase ;)

  2. My tank in insanely in need of a good scrub down! Ive got coral growing all over the sides of the tank.

    You should do an ATC swap. They are so much fun to make! Little little pieces of art.

    *still doing my dance*


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