Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Update

This has been a very long and very tiring weekend. I had my Musculo-Skeletal class all weekend. It was quite a bit of info packed into 2 days. Major bones, bony landmarks, muscles of the back, arms, forearms, and hands. Insertions and origins. My brain kinda hurts a little.

We also had round after round of bad storms pass through the area starting Friday night. I'm petrified of tornadoes. Scared shitless. We don't have a basement so that makes matters worse. I woke up to thunder and lightning around 02:00 on Saturday morning and tossed and turned until it was time to get ready for school. Same thing last night. UTM sent me a text at 01:50 saying there was a tornado warning in effect in Weakley County (one county over) until 02:30. I got up and turned the tv on to see what the local channels had to say. The worst part had already past but since I was already so freaked out about the warning, once again, I tossed and turned until I had to get ready. We had quite a bit of flooding in the area. Kaelah got hit pretty hard and lost quite a bit of her things. (Head over here and give her some love.) I got home early today, took some Tylenol and a nice little nap. I'm ready for another cup of tea and more sleep.

My little ray of light came on Saturday in the mail. I cannot say thank you enough to Paddywackles, who I featured on my blog this past week. They were ever so kind so ship me some of that gorgeous ginger pecan brittle. If gingerbread and brittle had kids, this is what they would taste like. Even the smell alone is amazing. It's everything brittle should be. It's buttery, it's smooth and it gets stuck in your teeth. Cause hey, that's what brittle does.

Maybe I'll have just a little piece with my tea :)

Good night all. Hope you had a better weekend than mine!


  1. Hey Jen, I'm a new reader and follower. Sorry to hear about the weekend dude. That sucks. we don't have tornadoes in my part of the world so I can't imagine your terror! The musculo-skeletal study sounds interesting though. Wanna swap with me?

  2. Hey Aoife! Thanks for following the madness :)
    Yes, tornadoes are the worst! What did you have in mind for swapping? Feel free to send me an email at jen_latini (at) yahoo (dot) com with details!


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