Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, Monday

So after waking up with a killer sinus headache, I took some Tylenol extra strength and spent the morning and the better part of the afternoon working on my studio. The photo above was taken after I had been working on it for about 20 minutes. I had to focus on one thing and one thing only, otherwise I would've gotten too overwhelmed and just said screw it.

I actually started on the desk last because I was using it to pile all of the other crap I was going through on it.

I decided to take down the Ansel Adams prints. They had been up for so long and I just wanted something different. I also stripped all of the cork tiles.

I used to work at an environmental lab a few years ago and we used these 40mL vials for samples. We had a box kicking around that hadn't been preserved so I ended up with them. They are PERFECT for storing beads. The only downside is that when they're all nicely stored in the box, I can't tell what is in each vial. Problem solved. I went down to Lowe's and purchased some trim that I'm going to spray paint white, cut to size and nail to the wall, kinda like a little shelf for the vials to sit on. That way, I'll be able to see all of the vial and their contents.

Seriously love these things.

Ribbon time! I found these plastic containers at Staples, which I got on clearance for FIFTY CENTS! And they work perfectly for my ribbon collection. At some point in the future I plan to move them over to glass cookie jars (or at least that's what I call them.)

I tackled this sucker first thing after my Tylenol kicked in. I ended up going through all of my paper. Whole pads and whole loose pages are in the slots on the left. All of my scraps are in the slots on the right. I need to go through all of my scraps and organize them somehow. I saw on a blog how one lady purchased an under-the-bed storage bin with wheels and she put all of her scraps in that. Great idea, but for the moment I don't have anywhere in the room to put it. My yeti ended up in a Christmas mug on the bottom shelf. :) The white plastic basket and blue container on top hold all of my embellishments (stickers mostly, but also die cuts, chip board, brads, rhinestones and sequins.)

The photo boxes I snagged at Michael's ~ 3 for $5.00. The top one holds my Cricut cuts. The bottom two hold my rubber stamps, acrylic stamps and ink pads. I used an old sauce jar to house my buttons. I also have my Prima flowers, my soy Pomegranate candle, a crapload of mini scrapbooks that need filling and my Nantucket basket full of more supplies.

My Cricut is now on my desk, within easy reach along with my cartridge boxes. It came with Don Juan and I picked up Celebrations at Wal-Mart. After doing some browsing on eBay, I think from now on I'll buy from there. So much cheaper! You can also see all of the ribbon containers hanging up. Also, please excuse the lighting. I need to get a shade for my lamp :)

And finally, the end product. Well, the end for now. I've run out of steam and am in need of a cup of tea! I hope I've at least inspired some of you to get off your rear and get in gear!

Happy organizing!

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