Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodbye Buddy, We'll Miss You

It's with a heavy heart that I tell you that we had to put Jake down today. Dr. Davis did the tail amputation, which went well. However, the skin around his neck was so badly damaged that it lost its blood supply. It would require many surgeries and extensive care for the next several months, all of which Jake would probably be in pain. We don't want any of our animals to suffer so we talked about it and made the decision.

We love you Jake!


  1. I saw your Facebook status remarks about all this, but for some reason these two blog posts have only just shown up in my Blogspot dashboard. Absolutely heartbreaking just to read; I don't wish to try imagining how it's felt for you. The first photograph after the text in this post is really great, for whatever that's worth. He appears to be content and dignified. It's not hard to imagine him in tails and sporting a top hat.

  2. Yeah, I didn't want to get into too much on FB. I'm ok as long as I don't think about what happened. Yes, I'm going through the stages. For a while I thought if I had only gotten home from the hospital a little sooner it wouldn't have happened. But I can't think like that. He was quite a character.

  3. I *just* read your other post :( I'm so sorry, what an awful thing for you to go through. I hope you make your neighbors aware of what happened. Poor jake :( You guys definitely made the right choice to not prolong his pain and suffering.

  4. PS: was he part Australian Blue Heeler / Cattle Dog? he looks an awful lot like a dog we had when I was little who was a blue heeler.


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