Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 101 Project: {Updated}

And I'm at it again. Seeing as how I have less than 2 months to complete a crap load of stuff on my list, I figured I would just update it now and then blog all of my new 101 things in December. Quite like I should!

Travel/Events in Other Places

1. Visit the Hoh Rainforest in Washington {How about, just Washington? Does that count?}
2. Go to Provincetown {Completed 08/10/09}
4. Rolex 3-Dy Event in Lexington, KY {I know I won't make it this year but I still want to go so it's staying on the list}
5. Plan a trip to Mt. Rainier {Doesn't necessarily have to be The Wonderland Trail but I'd like to go nonetheless}
6. Visit Canada. Our friendly neighbor to the North :)
7. Go to Times Square for New Years Eve {Maybe it will happen this year}
8. Visit Papa {Completed this May}
9. Infield at the Kentucky Derby {Perhaps next year. Once again, it's staying on the list}
10. Take Mom to Bermuda
11. Go on another cruise
12. Do an overnight at Waverly Hills Sanatorium {Unfortunately the 2-hr visit last summer didn't count}
13. Visit one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants {When I do Times Square, of course!}


14. Drop 20 pounds, and keep them off for the remainder of the project {Completed this summer, courtesy of working my arse off. I actually lost almost 30!}
15. Run, ok maybe walk a 5k
16. Master all Yoga positions {I've got quite a few of them down!}
17. Take a yoga class
18. Take a Zumba class!


19. Take vitamins every day {I found some gummy ones and I've also been taking a Viactive chew - the chocolate ones}
20. Get a hot stone massage


21. Get my bath & body business off and running {Work in progress, seeing as how I've been MIA for 4 months}
22. Clean any debts {I'll be paying off my student loans for awhile but I've managed to clear 6 other debts within 3 months - Go me!}
23. Add to my IRA {Since the economy is getting (a little) better I have seen my IRA rebound quite a bit. I'm ok with where it's going so I feel I don't need to add as much as I had originally planned}
24. Set up another 401k {Once again, this may change in the very near future}
25. Own a home {Yep, I'm keeping this one up on the list}

Gaining knowledge/Intellectual pursuits

26. Learn a foreign language
27. Sign up for a ballroom/salsa lesson {If only there were ones nearby}
28. Get CPR certified {Why shouldn't you know how to save a life?}
29. Learn how to knit {I taught myself the basics but would love to learn more}
30. Read 101 books {See 101 Book Post}
31. Learn how to play chess {And not suck at it}


32. Open up another Etsy shop {Completed 01/20/10}
33. Get familiar and comfortable with Shrinky Dinks}
34. Complete the 30 Days of Lists prompts {FAIL!}
35. Learn how to sew... properly
36. Finish an afghan
37. Make a quilt.
38. Complete the Owl Doorstop pattern from Tiddliwink Toys
39. Go to a glass blowing class {Once again, if there was one nearby}
40. Create a recipe for a solid sugar scrub


41. Document family tree back to Italy {Still working on this one}
42. Complete Family Tree Maker & update online {1,348 people, 451 marriages, 8 generations, 385 surnames... and counting}
43. Document Gill lineage {Still working on this one via Ancestry.com}
44. Grave hunting {Ongoing}

45. Make a one-month meal plan {This is kinda hard now that I work 3rd shift, but I'm keeping it up here}
46. Go to 30 new restaurants and Yelp each one {I've been to a few, just haven't added them to Yelp yet}
47. Bake something at least twice a month
48. Cook one new recipe every month {Will post these later on, recipes included}
49. Drink nothing but water for a whole week {I could do this easily if it wasn't for my tea addiction}
50. Try every flavor of Stash & Tazo tea {Stash 5/200+; Tazo 3/?}
51. Make homemade ice cream
52. Make Nana's fresh fruit jam
53. Update recipe book {I've been adding recipes sporadically}
54. Eat more fish. {Just not Salmon!}
55. Find a variety of sushi that I like.


56. Participate in Gimme Your Stuff {Completed 11/2009}
57. Go camping {I lived in a cabin this summer. Does that count?}
58. Watch 101 movies {See 101 Movie post}
59. Go to the opening night of the rest of the Harry Potter & Twilight movies {I missed the last HP, so it's 0/2 left}
60. Start a garden {Gonna have to wait until next year}
61. Get more ink! {Completed 02/16/11}
62. Visit IKEA {Completed 03/16/2010}
63. Set up other Nano to be used as a frag tank {Emptied tank last weekend, waiting for sand to dry}
64. Sell frags
65. Fishing with mom {Soon. Seriously.}
66. Send a secret to PostSecret
67. Have a snail mail pen pal {It's been a while, but the lovely Ria has helped me with this goal}
68. Go to a planetarium
69. Go horseback riding.
70. Go on a whale watch {Completed 08/10/2009}
71. Fly first class {I've tried many, many times. Apparently, it's the first thing to book up}
72. Go snorkeling {On my cruise of course}
73. Take mom to a Michael Buble concert {Once he gets his butt over here!}


74. Throw a holiday party
75. Host a bonfire
76. Write ten snail mail letters {10/10 ~ completed this summer}


77. Donate blood twice a year {Gotta wait since I just got fresh ink}
78. Design an item to sell on Etsy. All proceeds to go to an organization in need {Completed in May}
79. Volunteer for an organization or at an event
80. Vote!
81. Plant 3 trees


82. More photos into albums.
83. Have a yard sale {Completed 4/10-11/2010}
84. Update iTunes {All names, titles, artwork, etc. filled in}
85. Organize beads/jewelry
86. Get rid of 101 material things {Completed - 200+}


87. Cricut {Completed 05/2010}
88. iPod Touch {Completed 05/10/2009}
89. Bella Bag {Completed 09/24/2009}
90. Necklace from BirthDesigns
91. Mittens
92. Get my hands down with henna {by a professional}
93. Project Life {Completed 01/2011}
94. wii
95. iPhone4 {Completed May 2011}
96. Sewing machine {Perhaps for Christmas!}


97. Blog about each of my 101 tasks at least once {Completed 03/21/2010}
98. Complete the 365 Project {Started and stopped this year, keeping this up}
99. Blog every day {260/360}
100. Don't take life too seriously!

And finally...

101. On day 1001, publish a new 101 Things in 1001 Days list that includes new goals and everything else that didn't get completed on this one.

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