Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting Pinched By Bears

This summer I was lucky to have my day off fall on July 4th. It was a slower week for us and I was able to fly out with the guys to Brooks River. If you've ever seen any photos of bears near a waterfall, more than likely, they were taken here.

First time visitors have to watch a 10 minute bear safety video (don't feed them, don't approach them, they don't like hugs or kisses. etc.) They give you a nifty little lapel pin (photo coming soon) and then you're off on your own.

Since I wasn't fishing or involved in taking photos for the website, I was stuck on bear duty. So, every three or four minutes (sometimes in lesser intervals) I would say, 'Incoming. Three o'clock.' And one of these guys would show up. (See above)

While these guys, Todd & Ryan, were busy documenting.

It was a little unnerving at first because there was a lot of tall grass but after awhile I sort of got used to having them around.

Doesn't he look cute? Yeah, looks can be deceiving. Later on, this clever boy decided we were a little too close for comfort and decided to charge us. Well, more specifically Todd, but since we were all standing together, we all got the full effect.

(Click on the pic for a detailed version of some lovely sharp teeth)

(And lovely sharp nails)

Scuba Steve! It cracks me up that they stick their heads under the water and look for fish. I guess everyone has their own way of doing things.

This big boy had perched himself on the falls and was waiting for salmon to jump.
(Click the photo for a larger view and you can see all of his battle wounds from other bears)

The falls, so beautiful. When we first got there only a few bears had taken up residence. By the time we left there were about 10-12.

They remind me of really big dogs.

Mr. Grumpy Gus. I love all of their facial expressions.

Hopefully I'll be able to go back in the next couple of years. Later on in the season more bears flock to the falls and that's what I want photos of!

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