Friday, October 21, 2011

Work It: Level 1

I found this on Pinterest and figured I'd give it a shot. Over the course of the summer I lost almost 30 pounds. Yeah, I know, go me. I still want to lose another 10-15 but mostly I just wanna tighten everything up. Today is Day 5 and let me tell you, I guess I never realized just how much jumping jacks will kick your ass. Sweet Jesus! My quads and glutes are a little sore. I get to rest today, then on to more jumping jacks and sit-ups. I'm still running on the treadmill every two or three days and randomly using the TotalGym. This is designed as a 60 day plan and I'll reveal Level 2 and Level 3 as I complete the previous. Or you can head over to Pinterest and find them for yourself :)

And here is some music for you to crunch to!

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