Friday, June 18, 2010

Checking In

Hey all! I haven't checked in lately cause I've been on my vacation in Louisville with Dan. I'd like to say things have gone smoothly and all is well, except I came down with Strep on Tuesday and I'm just now feeling better. Booo. We drove all the way up to Cincinnati to go to the zoo and ended up leaving really early because I was so sick. So not fun. I ended up going to an urgent care center Wednesday night and the doc there was really nice and actually gave me some antibiotics so I didn't have to dish out extra money for that since I don't have insurance. Yesterday we spent the day at Churchill Downs. I ended up winning almost $70! Woo hoo! Go ponies! Right now we're sitting in Starbucks and I'm stealing some wi-fi. Off to Waverly tonight! I'll have pics posted on Sunday.

Hope you lovelies are doing well!

1 comment:

  1. Sucks that you got hit with strep. I'd have made an effort to catch up with you while you're in town, except I've been dealing with a Crohn's flare for...hell, two weeks now I guess. A shame you weren't in town this past Saturday night: Baxter Ave. Theaters did a triple feature of the original Indiana Jones movies.


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