Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Hate Waiting!

Don't you hate it when you find a series that's been out for a while and you read all of the books in a few weeks and then you're stuck waiting a year or more for the next book to come out? Yep, I'm in that position. I finished book #10 of the Sookie Stackhouse series this morning at 03:00. I guess I'll grab a few from my stack of books to read for work tonight. Next in that stack: Eat, Pray, Love.

Anyone else have any recommendations?


  1. You know what's worse? When you get into a series where the author is long dead and obviously won't be writing any more! I ran into this with Ian Fleming's James Bond novels when I got into them in the mid 90s. I have limited myself to just one of his a year, and now I'm finally at the point where I will read the 14th and final Bond book this year. It's very bittersweet.

    Chad Knopf (whom you may or may not recall; he was a year behind us in school) turned me onto Edgar Rice Burroughs's "Barsoom" series (first book: "A Princess of Mars," which is being made into a movie by Pixar). I've taken up reading that series, also on a one-book-per-year basis so as not to blow through them.

    I don't know that you would care much for either series, though I think you'd be more likely to enjoy Burroughs than Fleming (once you get past the adolescent machismo). I've found myself favoring memoirs and biographies to anything else the last several years. I think it's a by-product of all the non-fiction research reading I had to do for my history degree. Easily the greatest I've read is "Boone: A Biography" by Robert Morgan. It's written in a way that really resonated with me as a guy in my 30s; not sure that it would hit the same chord with a woman reader. (That's not me being sexist, so much as just being familiar with the book and the way it explores the masculine mindset.)

  2. I love the show but I can't seem to get into the books for some reason. I've tried the first one 3 times. My niece love the books too. Maybe I'm crazy. I'm reading Kathy Reichs at the moment.


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