Saturday, June 19, 2010

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

We had a blast! I am a little disgruntled about a few things however.

First, it was a 2 hour tour. So we assumed we would be walking around touring the place for two hours. Wrong. They made us watch a half hour video first about the background of Waverly and it also included clips from some of the more popular ghost hunting shows. Since Dan and I are both die-hard Waverly fans, we had already seen these clips. Then they gave everyone a little break to use the bathroom and such. By that time, it was 10:45. So it roughly worked out to be 15 minutes in the body chute and 20 minutes per floor. In my opinion, not enough time.

Second, the group size was a lot larger than when I went back in 2003. Yes, I know ghost hunting has gotten more popular since then. I get it. But when you have that many people, in that short amount of time everyone wants to take photos and see as much as they can. Once again, I understand. The problem with that though is that someones flash was going off every ten seconds or so. I pretty much saw stars the whole time I was there from getting blinded so much.

On my next visit I will definitely be doing the 8 hour overnight.
Less people + more time = happy Jen.

p.s. Check out all those orbs!!!

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