Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY Valentine Button Heart Card

Wanna make a super cute handmade card for your love for Valentine's Day? Good, cause that's what I'm teaching today. Grab your supplies (card stock or blank card, pencil, glue and an assortment of buttons in hues of red and pink)

Step One: Trim and fold your card stock down to the size you want. If you're using a blank card, you're all set.

Step Two: Using a pencil, very lightly draw a heart outline.

Step Three: Arrange the buttons along the heart line. I like to do this to see how many I'll need and I'm also able to rearrange them if I don't like the placement. Or you can just wing it for that I'm-an-artist-and-I-don't-care look. (No judgement here)

Step Four: Glue all the buttons down. Let dry overnight.

Step Five: Uh, you're done dude!

Happy Crafting!

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