Friday, January 7, 2011

The New Addition!

Ha! You thought I was gonna say Baby didn't you? I know you did!
Well, this is as exciting as a baby but it's diaper-free, doesn't cry or keep you up all night. Although I am up all night. But well, that's besides the point.
I've been looking all over for some wire coated shelving to use for my bath & body supplies on. Mom and I went to Lowes and I found this! Woohoo! Although, I may need another one soon. As you can see I am running out of room already. And I have 3 shipments coming in this week!

The top two shelves are used for curing my soaps. I also have a small wicker basket that holds some packaging supplies (ribbon, business cards, labels, etc.)

I also have a basket full of wax and butters but they're being obscured by all of the soy star tart samples. There's another wicker basket for all of my bottles of fragrance.

The third shelf holds empty and full lotion bottles, the wicker basket with the tarts (I ended up moving this here for more room for soap on the 2nd shelf) and yet another basket full of tools like my digital scale, safety goggles, ruler, pigments, etc.
The bottom houses my mold (wrapped in a towel) that's hiding in the back, bags and bottles of various oils, my stick blender and Tupperware bin with soaping tools (gloves, thermometers, measuring cups, etc.)

My studio smells SO much better now. Not that it was stinky or anything in the first place. Just sayin.

You can see all of the notes, plus more studio pics over on my Flickr account.


  1. I am so unbelievably jealous of your little organised set up! Firstly I love the way it looks so perfect, I can even smell your soaps from here! Second of all, I would love to make bath and body products... you're living my dream girl ;)

  2. Yes, it does look much better now! Just a few hours ago I had all of that spread out around the dining room. The table, chairs, floor - you name it - there was soap stuff.

    Making something completely different is a nice change. I like to challenge my brain every once in a while ;)


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