Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fridge Flair Magnets Tutorial: Step One - Gather Your Goods

It's tutorial time! Part One anyways.
Gather your goods.

The following is a list of things you will need to make bottle cap magnets like you see above.

Bottle caps. Duh. I get mine from local restaurants. Just go up to the bar and ask for a bag. Most places will gladly hand them over as they just throw them out anyways.

Oh yeah, make sure you wash and dry them when you get them home.
Unless you're going for the whole beer scented magnet thing.

I use Easy Cast for my resin. By all means, if you find one you like better please use that. I find the Easy Cast is well, easy to use. Just pour equal amounts of both the primer and hardener, mix and let set.

Love this stuff! Super strong. Kinda smelly. Amazing hold.

Initially I started off using the rolls of magnet tape and found out they don't hold very well. I switched over to the small round magnets and won't be going back anytime soon.

1" craft punch. I use this to punch out digital tiles and cardstock.

A mug. An old one preferably. I use this to mix my resin in.

Glitter glue. Comes in almost every color you can imagine. I use mine to line the inside rim of the bottle cap.

Wooden craft sticks. Great for mixing resin.

I hang on to my old medicine measuring caps to help measure out equal amounts of primer and resin. And getting the right amount is key to having your resin set correctly.

Digital tiles. Go for the 1" ones. You can find all kinds on Etsy. Just do a search for them.

Stickers. Any and all kinds. Just remember that the inside area of the bottle cap is 1" so you'll probably want to stay on the small size.

Most of the supplies I purchase at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. You can really find them just about anywhere. Also, you don't have to use exactly what I'm using. It's just a suggestion. :)

Stay tuned in this weekend and I'll be posting part two of the tutorial, Putting It All Together.

(All images via Google images.)


  1. I love your super cute magnets! :-) But since I have two little kids who are always messing on the magnets in the front of the fridge, I'd probably rather make these to use as jewellry. :-D I have seen a single component product for casting (I received a sample some time ago) that I haven't even tested yet. Maybe I should. It would be even easier to use than this 2 component epoxy cast medium!

  2. Hmmm, I didn't even know they made one part resin. And yes, it would be a lot easier!

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