Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Movies

I think this is the beginning of a monthly blog post. I'm gonna keep track of all of the movies I watch within the month and then post them all in one lump post. Most of these I saw when Dan flew down to Louisville. Granted, I went and saw Avatar when it opened but I felt like I spent three days watching it so I listed it again. Remember Me was amazing. Rob really nailed that part. Prince of Persia was ok. The audio kept screwing up at odd moments, which made it extra funny. It took a few days for me to make it through Wolverine. I had Strep and kept falling asleep. So lucky for me, it was on pretty much every night. Broken Embraces was... hmm... it was good. I was crafting while it was on, which made it hard cause of all of the subtitles. My favorite, Get Him to the Greek. Literally laughing so hard I was crying. Go see it. Seriously.

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