Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Many Projects

I've had this sketchbook kicking around since last semester and I figured I'd finally put it to good use. I've been doing random collages in it. So far I have the three below. Eventually I think I'm gonna start following The Dares and just do them in here so they're all nice and neat and in one place. (Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.)

The first is a random jumble of current obsessions. You'll find everything from Starbucks, Sephora, my iPod Touch, a bitchin' pair of boots from Journey's and tons of crazy other stuff. I'd say I'm about 80% done with this. I keep finding small items to add.

This second one is all things beauty and mostly cut from my Sephora and Benefit catalogs. I looooove me some Sephora! I'd scale this one at 80% completed as well. I think I'm gonna add some jewels or glitter to really make it girly. Some text will probably get thrown in as well.

This one is pretty much self explanatory. I wreaked havoc on my game informer mags. 70% done. I need to add more pics and find something to go in the bottom left corner.

Initially I was going to lump my Provincetown and whale watch stuff from last August into one but I've got so many good photos that I decided to break it up into two. Or maybe three. Who knows. We'll see how it goes. I'm on the fence about getting another sketch book for my travels or getting a snazzy three ring binder and doing them on 8.5" x 11" paper stuck inside page protectors.

And yes, we really were that close. It was amazing!

And going back even further (I'm a total slacker, I know) I still have all of my goodies from when Dan and I visited MFA last March. We had so much fun and I stayed in the Egyptian section for probably over an hour.

I'd love to go again next time I'm back home.

Lastly, this was started forever ago. Last April or May, maybe. As I completed each task from my 101 Project, I was planning on scrapping a little page on it. These pages are about 6"x9". As you can see they're all still blank.

Never a dull moment. And you know what they say about idle hands...

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