Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week In The Life: Tuesday

Tuesday started out a little differently from Monday. I had all intentions to get up early but someone butt dialed me at 06:00 and I ended up falling back asleep until 11:00.

Mom is forever leaving little notes for me. Ok, so theyre more like to-do lists.

I put the tea water on and let Ali out to potty. Our Hostas are really coming up quickly.

As well as our purple Irises.

Nest #1. 4 baby Robbins. Mama Robbin wasn't too happy about me sticking my camera all up in her space.

Nest #2. 4 Robbin eggs. Patiently waiting for these to hatch.

Foraging for breakfast.

Decided on the old standby.

I casually mentioned that I had to go OUT to get my hair cut.

Checked in on the kitties since I hadn't seen them all morning. Fatty was still asleep on my bed.

While Dom prefers Mom's room.

Shower time!

On the way to Bella Amici.

A quick turn in the tanning bed before my appointment.

And back home with my new cut.

I love it. (Thanks Jessica!)

Not the best of lunches. The chicken didn't really have the texture of real chicken so that kinda threw me off. Everything else was good.

I love Skinny Cow. And mail.

Back from a quick trip to work. He's my welcoming committee.

Mom had to drop Bill back off at work so I went along for the ride.

We stopped at the library.

I wish I could just move in.

Got home and added these to my GoodReads list.

Fired up the grill and threw on some veggie burgers for Mom and I.

Yes, I know it looks yucky. Trust me, it wasn't.

Happy Wednesday!

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