Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Catch Up

The catch up. Not to be confused with uh... yeah, that.

And speaking of ketchup, have you seen these? I'm all about some ketchup but it seems wrong to bake the flavor into chips.

Anywho, I had all intentions to finish up the magnet tutorial this weekend, photograph new items, post them on Etsy and start on the second book of the House of Night series. Did that happen? Not so much. Except for the reading part. I got home Friday morning from work and got some packages together that needed to be mailed, chatted with Dan for a bit via Skype and ended up going to bed around 09:00. Well, the Dish Network guys work me up about 2 hours later and I didn't end up falling back asleep until some time after 2pm. I finally woke up around 8pm and stayed up until 04:00.

Saturday morning rolled around (a very short time later) and Mom wanted to drive up to Paducah. She needed to run to the bank and I needed to swing by the pet store to see if they had any Emerald crabs. I have an outbreak of bubble algae in my tank. (Boo) I called the store on the way up and got their answering machine, telling me store hours were Monday through Friday blah blah blah. Well, shit.

So we ended up going to the bank and then stopped at Michaels and Hobby Lobby so I could get some new supplies then we decided on Olive Garden for soup, salad and bread sticks. Yum! I've been wanting an iHome for a long time because every time I do a massage I have to lug my laptop around so I can play my music. Since we were in town, we ran into TJMaxx for a quick (yeah, right) visit. Not only did I find an iHome for $35, I also snagged two shirts, some new perfume (Guess by Marciano) and some Turkish Delight. When I got home there were two packages waiting for me from my Swaptree swaps. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in DVD (I am now the official owner of all of the HP movies) and Betrayed. Woo!

I screwed myself over since I decided to stay up for the rest of the day. 8pm rolled around and my bed was looking awfully agreeable. So, there I went. For some reason (maybe cause I'm always up at that hour) I woke at 01:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. I ended up in the studio, watching HP while working on some new crafts and next thing I know, it's 07:00! I went back to bed at 09:00 and didn't get up until around 7pm this evening. There's a whole day wasted. But at least I'll be well rested for work tonight.

In 27 days (you bet I'm counting them) Mom and I will be road tripping it back home (see below) for a visit with the fam. I can't wait to see everyone. This will also be part one of The Move. We're loading the back of Mom's truck with stuff that way I'll have less to bring when part two rolls around in November)

Dan and I plan on taking the girls to Sesame Place while I'm up. My aunt has taken her kids and she said they had a blast so it should be a good time. There's rides and a little water park which means bathing suit. Eeep!

We'll, I didn't really mean to ramble on like this but sometimes you just have to. And now you all know what I've been up to. I have to finish up a few jewelry projects that include resin so I'm going to try to get the tutorial finished in the morning before I hit the sack.

See you all then!

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