Thursday, August 19, 2010

Memory Lane: 1980's Fads

Wacky Wall Walkers: Found in almost every box of cereal so coated in sugar you could almost slip into a diabetic coma if you ate too much. Throw them on a wall (or pretty much any surface) and they would stick and slowly "walk" down. Unless they got dirty, then they would just stick for a few seconds and fall to the floor.

Neon: Anything.

Jelly Bracelets: They came in all sorts of colors and were good for flinging at people. The more you had, the cooler you were.

Jelly Shoes: Sure they were kinda cool but they gave you massive blisters and made you feet sweat like crazy.

MC Hammer Pants: I have no words for this one.

Garbage Pail Kids: A spoof of the Cabbage Patch Kids (see below) but instead of the sugar and spice, they were more snot and barf. Lovely.

Cabbage Patch Kids: My mom was actually the front end manager of a toy store when these dolls first came out. It was mass pandemonium. People got trampled! And yes, I had one. Her name was Ramona. I ended up with a Cabbage Patch Baby soon after but I ended up coloring it's head with marker that didn't wash off. She didn't get played with much. (This coming from the girl who used to cut all of her Barbie's hair off and then decapitate them.)

Hair Bands: The hole in the Ozone, it's from all of the Aqua-Net these guys used. True story.

Boy George: Enough said.


  1. Great observation about how being dirty affected Wacky Wall Walkers! You're definitely right about the number of bracelets being representative of how cool one was: I, naturally, never owned a single one of them!

    Hammer pants were around in the late 80s, but they didn't go insanely mainstream until 1990.

  2. This totally made my day! Now I am all nostalgic...

  3. what a trip! I used to LOVE wacky wall walkers! jellies! cabbage patch kids! And Garbage Pail Kids are still an active part of my life, my boyfriend collects them and we have GPK posters hanging up in our bathroom....


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