Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning at the Bird Feeder

Around 06:30 this morning I made a cup of tea, grabbed my book (Hunter by PC Cast) and went to sit out on the back patio. We've had the hummingbird feeder up for a while but I've only seen them visit a few times. I was in the middle of reading and I heard this whirring noise. I looked up to see two hummingbirds darting around the feeder. Ok, so it was more like one chasing the other one around like, 'Um, this is my feeder and if you come near it I will kick your little hummingbird ass.' True story. So I ran inside and got my camera and managed to snap these photos. After a while two more hummingbirds showed up but the male (I'm assuming) kept chasing the other ones off. Man they are fast!

And of course, since he was sitting so pretty (and not barking for once) I had to take a photo of Jake.

1 comment:

  1. You get hummingbirds in the garden? That's amazing! Thank you for sharing these pictures.


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