Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Can't Live Without

I keep trying to teach the cats to do this but seeing as they have no opposable thumbs, it's kinda hard.

I wish my tea pot did that!

I'm working on designing my next one. Isn't the detail in this one amazing?! Great movie too :)

Some old school designs.

I've read quite a few the past month (Blog post coming soon)

I'm a firm believer that one can never have enough shoes. And with heels, the higher the better. I've always wanted to be 6' tall!

I LOVE these. And the dresser as well.

I'm not really a soft pastel pink kinda gal. Maybe it's the bow that does it for me.

Yes, I have spent $40 on eyeshadow before. Does that make me crazy? No. I've been wanting to try out some of Benefit's stuff forever. Maybe I'll buy myself a little gift ;)

What can't you live without?

(All images via weheartit)


  1. I can't live without steroids. Seriously; they're the most effective means I've found yet for controlling my Crohn's-infested guts. I agree with you on books; I've done more recreational reading the last couple of years than ever before and it's been wonderful. Three I'd add:

    1) My iPod - Helps keep me sane, since it can go into the bathroom with me for extended periods. Sometimes I jump around and listen to different songs; I've been known to tune into a podcast from time to time, or even watch video content on a really bad day.

    2) My blog - readership is negligible and I've got scarce few comments so far, but even if no one else ever saw it, it's been really enjoyable to compile my thoughts on everything from movies to social issues, and to organize a handful of memories from my own life to date along the way. If I ever become a Somebody, I will mine that blog for my memoirs. More generally, I suppose I should just say, "writing," which I have always loved, but the blog offers an organization structure I find particularly rewarding.

    3) Twitter - More than any other online social network, this has been my favorite for connecting with other Crohnies (especially recently diagnosed ones who are overwhelmed and looking for tips and guidance), and tweeters like Roger Ebert and Natasha Badhwar have enriched my daily life. Plus, Rosanne Cash responds to most of my tweets, and that hasn't stopped being exciting yet!

  2. Things I can't live without... books, music, SHOES, dresses, jeans, make up, any kind of hair product, from hair bands to straighteners to hairspray... my hair is unruly if I don't do anything to it, or at least tie it up, my bf - life would be much less fun without him, the seasons... I love the change in weather and the effect it has on my surroundings, in fact I constantly long for the change in seasons (and not just because it menas an end to this humid summer ;). I'm sure there are plenty more things, but these are what I can't live without right now :)


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