Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giving Back

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2011 was to start giving back. Volunteering, charity work, donations, what have you. Unfortunately, working 3rd shift and trying to get a business off the ground doesn't leave me with a whole lot of free time. In the past I have crafted an item and donated the proceeds to the AIDS Foundation and was planning on doing that again. After some thought, and a few pictures posted on Facebook, I decided on a different organization.

A few months ago my sister had posted some photos of her daughter Morgan on Facebook. They live on the other side of the country so I don't get to see the family that often. It sucks. {Just sayin'.} Back in 2009, Morgan was diagnosed with diabetes. I know it has been a tough struggle for her for the past couple years but she plows on full force and joins in activities just like any other kid. {And makes Auntie Jenny very proud!}

Morgan met up with Noah. Noah, with help from his parents started The Diabetes Dude, a non-profit organization to help raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes. Don't let Noah's age fool you. This guy gets around! Noah and the gang "flock" people with blue lawn flamingos. The flamingos travel all over the US and Noah even had the chance to meet Bret Michaels. Yep, THE Bret Michaels.
*Que the big 80's hair and leather pants*
Bret was "flocked" with Darwin, one of the blue flamingos and ended up traveling with Bret while he was on tour. How cool is that?

Anyways, I had been kicking around the idea of creating a bar of soap in which the proceeds would benefit The Diabetes Dude and the ADA {American Diabetes Association} I sent Tracy, Noah's mom, an email explaining what I wanted to do and she was on board. She shipped me a bag of the blue flamingo silly bandz that were made specially for the company that makes Noah's pump. No one else has them! Jealous? I know you are :)

Sure, some of you may read this and think, "It's diabetes. It's just a few finger sticks and watching what they eat." And for those of you who say that, I say:

Noah asked a bunch of people to email him their diagnosis date and the number of sticks they've had for one year. It ended up something like this...

221 people = 667,470 finger sticks

{Need I say more?}

So, in a nutshell I've been a very busy bee the past 12 hours. Therefore, you should get your butt over to the shop and purchase a bar.
$2.00 from each bar sold will be donated to The Diabetes Dude and the ADA.

These sun-ripened raspberry square bars come in two layers. The bottom layer is made with goat's milk for that extra dose of skin softening love. Colors range from purple to light blue. The top is a clear glycerin layer with a blue flamingo silly band embedded inside. Only one way to get that band out, and that's to soap up! Perfect for kids and adults!

To learn more about Noah and The Diabetes Dude head over to their website and follow them on Facebook!


  1. This is awesome, mad props to you!!! My father-in-law has diabetes and to people who think it's "just diabetes." Well, I have "just OCD" and my wife has "just depression." It ain't fun and it's not something you WANT. And it's quite serious.

    Ahem. Sorry, those people piss me off. But seriously, props to you this is AWESOME!!!


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