Friday, March 18, 2011

A Project of Epic Proportion

First and foremost, I apologize for posting such crap pics on a Friday morning. Not exactly the way I'd like to send you off into the weekend. But, weather permitting, this is how I'm going to spend my weekend. Looks like fun eh? Yeah, I'm with you on that one.

When my parents originally looked at this house with the realtor, it was in the middle of winter and a very cold, windy day. They were told that there was a dried up creek bed that ran the length of the property in the back of the house. Nice. Uh, not so much. Mom and Bill didn't really check it out. I feel they were more interested in the house. And besides, you can't actually see the creek bed from anywhere on the property until you get right up to it. {It gets to about 10' deep at some points} I'm pretty sure at some point it had water running through it but the guy up the street decided to make his own pond so he dammed it up and cut off the water supply of everyone downstream. {Thanks, jerk.}

{Yes, those are my hot pink striped Wellies.}
Apparently, the people who lived here before either didn't have trash service or just didn't care what they did with it because most of it, as you can see, ended up in the empty creek. Not a pretty picture. These photos are just from one {very small} section of the creek. This is also, in my opinion the worst part of it. So, last weekend Mom and I purchased some heavy duty contractor bags and I came up with a plan. I'd spend one hour every day picking up the crap that's down there until I leave for Alaska this summer. I have big goals.

So, after spending about 2 hours down there this morning, I've come to a few conclusions:

* These people drank. A LOT. Beer cans ran rampant. Also lots of glass bottles. Probably vodka but my guess is gin.

* They obviously didn't care about the environment.

* They used Suave hair products and liked Pringles.

* They're missing a set of false teeth. Seriously. Just sitting there smiling up at me.

* They like to hide boots in suitcases. Better than dead bodies I always say. {And I wouldn't be surprised if I find one, by the way. I'll keep you posted.}

*Also, they must have purchased a new computer monitor, cause the old one is in the photo below.

That big yellow thing is a ball that showed up a few weeks ago. I'm not exactly sure how it got there. Maybe alien cows from down the street. {insert South Park joke here} Ali ended up getting a hold of it and popped it. I have video of her looking very dejected afterwards. I'll have to upload that to YouTube and post it later.

So while I'm schlepping away in the mass of trash, what is everyone else up to this weekend?

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