Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memories of Nana

After Nana passed away last month, the family had the task of going through her things and deciding what to keep, donate or throw away. Nana had a large three drawer Rubbermaid cart in her dining room filled with fabric and fabric related items. At first it was suggested that no one wanted it and it should be donated. I said I would take a look through it to see what exactly was in there and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. A lot of the stuff I left in there. The photos below are the items I snagged.

Buttons! Loads and loads of glorious buttons! Two storage containers and two glass containers full! Most of them still have thread on them and bits of fabric so I'll have to go through them and clean them off.

Pretty much every color and material one could think of, with a big emphasis on white.

I also snagged some pieces of vintage fabric. Seriously, I think some of this stuff is older than I am!

I love {LOVE!} this print above. I've been searching Etsy for some bag/wallet patterns. I think this would make a fab tote bag!

And perhaps a wallet out of this.

And some pillows from this.

Still deciding on this one.

Still doing some research on this Bulpitt's bag.

This fabric is actually a wrap around skirt that Nana had made. I clearly remember her wearing it with a white blouse and sandals when I was little.

I think this fabric would also make a cute pillow or clutch.


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  1. Somewhere, there's a costume designer who is actively looking for these very materials and buttons for a movie set in the past. I look forward to seeing what you do with all this!

    Incidentally, your photographs are outstanding.


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