Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scrapbook On The Road

Over the weekend I purchased the Scrapbook on The Road class from Ali Edwards. It was the best $14 I've ever invested. There's handouts, lists and detailed videos about how to construct your album. She also goes into detail about hunting and gathering ephemera from your trip, adding photos to your book and telling your story.

The first thing I did after reading everything and watching the videos was to go into my studio and sift through stuff to decide what kind of book I would like to create. I will be using this for my trip to Alaska this summer. I didn't want anything too bright and colorful so I'm sticking mostly with neutrals and the occasional pop of color.

I pulled some colored envelopes that I will end up punching and adding to the album. A lot of the supplies on the class list were sold out so I made do with what I had and ended up only ordering a few 7Gypsies items from Etsy. {You'll see these further down the post}

I also pulled some letter and quote stickers from my stash. I may or may not use these in my book but I'll probably take them along with me.

I love these little round travel chipboard stickers. I think I got them at Michaels a few years ago in their $1 bins.

More various bits that I pulled. Once again, I may or may not use them. I'll just wait to see what feel the album takes on and see if they will fit in with the general theme.

I love the tickets and that cute little bird! Those will more than likely get thrown in somewhere.

I ordered a set of 7Gypsies Elizabeth book covers. They measure 5.5"x7".
I also snagged some colored tape, also from 7Gypsies.

I found these 1 3/5" brown rings. I think these would work for a general vacation book but seeing as how I'll be away for 4 months, I may need to upgrade to larger rings.

I also purchased some 7Gypsies mini colored blank labels. Perfect for adding little notes, tags and observations.

Once I get my Etsy items in the mail, I'll punch everything and start working on my foundation pages.

I seriously recommend heading over to check this project out!


  1. Ugh, my heart just skipped a beat. So much beautiful scrappy goodness. I've been eying those book covers myself.. so pretty! ♥

  2. This will be my first time using the 7Gypsies line. I spent probably 2 hours today going through their website :)


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