Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I Can't Live Without {March}

The new album. It's on repeat.

Tea. What else is new?

Starbucks. When I travel to civilization to get some.

Nail polish! For some reason I don't usually keep polish on my nails in the winter. It seems to chip more. But since it's getting warmer {spring is right around the corner} I've been picking up pretty shades all over the place.

My new weapon of choice is the dual tip Vellum Writer by Kuretake. Just wish they came in different colors. {I've only been able to find it in black}

Ice cubes. No, not those. The ones from work. They're bunny poo shaped. Perfect for crunching on. {Yes, I know it's bad but I feel you have to pick your battles.}

Heels. I scored some sweet sweet Gianni Bini pumps from Dillards this past weekend {On sale, 70% off} I'll post some photos soon.

Did I mention the new album?

{all images via weheartit}

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